Volunteer opportunities

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them”Ephesians 2:10

We are eager to find out who you are and what special talents and abilities you bring to APCH. Our church will flourish when we offer our hearts, passions and talents to meet the enormous needs all around us. APCH will only thrive when people from all walks of life- judges and doctors, teachers and nurses, fulltime stay at-home moms, business executives, college students, conservatory students, engineers, hairdressers and coffee ship owners are mobilized, empowered used by God. What would happen if our whole church got involved in serving and devoted their God-given talents to the well-being of others? Think of all the lives the will be changed, the relationships that will be formed and the joy this will bring.

APCH can become strong and healthy because of the thousands of hours given each month by volunteers. While there are a few staff members who work at APCH, we enlist volunteers whenever possible. We only add to staff when it’s essential. The staff is there to facilitate the ministry of the people.

Please take a moment and consider how you may get involved. Also think about how your children might be involved. We hope all our children will discover that it is normal to serve. It is normal for people who are discovering the grace of God in the gospel to serve others.

Some of the work will be fun and exciting. Other jobs are quiet, unglamorous and behind the scenes. Some of these projects require significant skill and preparations; others simply require a willing attitude and availability.

Here you can see all the different ways you can be involved at APCH:


      • Read the Bible in the Sunday service
      • Usher at one of the services. Hand out bibles and bulletins, welcome newcomers, help take up the offering, supervise assistant ushers (often children), usher attendees to their seats and communion, provide first aid and oversee fire safety
      • Sing in the Choir
      • Sing or play an instrument in the band
      • Run the audio-visual equipment during the service. The all-important behind the scenes role to assist us in distraction free worship; involves the setting up/tearing down of stands, a projector and screen, hooking up cables, manning the sound board, running the slide presentation, uploading sermons onto the website
      • Prepare for Communion once a month
      • Help plan worship services



      • Greet people on Sunday morning
      • Serve at Starting Point
      • Help with membership administration
      • Maintain contact with APCH alumni



      • Graphic Design, Creation of print and web media using standard design tools; media includes photography, video production, postcards, web banners, album art, and posters. This is obviously not related to serving on Sunday, but affects communication to the entire church.
      • Copy-write/editor
      • Web Design
      • Represent APCH at a fair
      • Bring information about APCH to the expat community in The Hague


Church Council

      • Help set direction for the ministries of APCH
      • Oversee the proper administration and secretarial duties of council
      • Assist the Church council in strategic planning



      • Volunteer in the office
      • Volunteer for light administrative duties



      • Help count the money on Sunday morning
      • Help in budgeting and financial planning
      • Help lead stewardship emphasis at APCH
      • Teach a class on money matters
      • Assist APCH in fundraising for the facility expansion and renovation



      • Prepare a Sunday night youth dinner or desert
      • Teach in the “Know what you believe and why” confirmation program
      • Decorate for special events
      • Become a driver for off-site events
      • Become a leader for Sunday Night Youth Group



      • Teach a Sunday School class
      • Assist a teacher in a classroom
      • Offer child-care for a church event
      • Volunteer at Wednesday night Children’s program- games, arts/crafts, and music
      • Volunteer in nursery on Sunday morning
      • Become the new nursery coordinator
      • Become a Sunday School Teacher
      • Help with special Sunday morning holiday events



      • Help set up and take down for fellowship events
      • Prepare a meal
      • Serve coffee and tea on Sunday morning
      • Buy supplies for fellowship events



      • Host an APCH intern for a few months in your home
      • Invite APCH newcomers into your home for a meal
      • Look for new people on Sunday morning and welcome them
      • Connection guests to others in the church
      • Facilitating a welcome table



      • Maintenance and repair
      • Clean up
      • Help with the facility renovation and expansion team



      • Help recruit leaders and volunteers
      • Help recruit people for search committees
      • Help people discover their spiritual gifts


Christian Education

      • Lead a bible study
      • Host a bible study or a small group in your home
      • Meet one on one with people who need to be discipled
      • Make refreshments


Lay Pastors

      • Visit people who are not able to come to church
      • Read the Bible and pray with new Christians
      • Visit people in the hospital
      • Pray for people after church on Sunday morning



      • Talk about your faith with a friend
      • Serve the church in any of the ways above. Remember, the church doesn’t just do mission, the church is mission
      • Go on a short or long-term mission trip
      • Partner with some of our sister organizations by serving in the poorest parts of The Hague


Apply to Serve in the Council