The  Craft Group meets every Tuesday.  It comprises of both members and non-members of the church. One of the primary goal of this group is to create all kinds of sewn and crafted articles to be sold at the APCH Bazaar held on the first Saturday of November, whose profits go to charities in a number of countries, as well contribute to some of the needs of the church. The group is known for the quilts that they produce. Some of these are made to order, others are up for raffle or for general sale.  There are also a variety of children’s blankets, cloth books and animals, along with decorative items for various holidays.

On the first Tuesday of the month, the craft group has a luncheon to which everyone contributes. In view of the number of countries from which the people come, there is an international menu that suits all tastes. Each month finds from 20 to 30 people around the luncheon tables.

You are welcome to just drop by and see for yourself what our talented group does and can produce. Or why not join us for a Tuesday luncheon , you will be most welcome. Call us or mail us!