How can I contribute to APCH? Below are some guidelines with regards to making a donation or contribution to APCH.


APCH general account
All donations should be made to this account.
For specially designated donations please see info below.

IBAN: NL72INGB0002637900
ACCOUNT NAME: “The American Protestant Church of The Hague”

Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF)
This fund was started about 20 years ago by APCH members. The PEF constitution stated that the fund should be allowed to accumulate to 100,000 dutch gilders, this goal was reached in 2002 (then using euro). The principle amount is kept in savings; each year 25% of new donations and interest payments are added to the principle. The remaining 75% of new donations and interest is available to fund a range of church projects. A request for funds must be given to the PEF committee which then decides on the disbursement. Gifts to the PEF are often given as a year end gift or in memory of an individual or event. The PEF fund appeals to many members because they know their gift helps APCH both now and in the future.

Note: Indicate Permanent Endowment Fund on the memo line of your bank transfer.

Pastoral Benevolence Fund
At APCH there is a fund that is used to help out church members in times of sudden, acute financial need. The fund is replenished by a plate collection on the last Sunday of each month. Bank transfers should use the general account and add a message of “benevolence fund”. The pastoral staff is responsible to decide when funds are to be distributed to an individual in need.

Note: Indicate Pastoral Benevolence Fund on the memo line  of your bank transfer.



International Church Services

Make check payable to “International Church Services Inc” or “ICSI
On memo line indicate APCH and further information if needed i.e. Endowment Fund.

Checks can be given to APCH for forwarding or sent directly to ICSI:

International Church Services, Inc.
802 Carriage Court
Augusta, GA 30909, USA

Telephone: +1 (706)481.86.19

Note: ICSI charges a 5% service fee on all donations. Donations via ICSI are tax deductible for USA, a year end statement is sent to donors at the address on their check, or a local address if available.

Bank of America

Make check payable to “American Protestant Church of The Hague
Checks can be given to APCH for forwarding.

Note: There is no service fee for deposits made to this account. APCH cannot guarantee tax credit when using this account.

Thank you very much for your donation to APCH!