InFellowship is our new online ministry tool used to connect church members through individual profiles and groups. InFellowship will allow APCH to better communicate with you. It will give you the ability to find basic contact information on other members (church directory). You will be able to participate in groups that reflect the ministries that you are involved in, such as your small group, allowing more streamlined communication and participation among group members and leaders of APCH.

InFellowship Guide

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InFellowship Login


Get Started with InFellowship in just 5 steps;

1. Click the login button on

2. Complete the registration form using the sign up link and click “Create an account”:

3. A validation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. You will be prompted to click a link that will bring you back to the InFellowship sign-in page:

4. Login using the e-mail and password you created during Step 2:

5. That’s it! You’re in! Feel free to update your profile, adjust your privacy settings, and check out your small group page. Also have a look in the guide on, this will provide you with more details in using InFellowship. Help us keep in touch with you!