We are grateful for the diversity in God’s creation and enjoy this diversity at APCH.  The APCH Family consists of members, other regular attendees and alumni. The distinction between the first two groups is limited to, for instance, the ability to serve on the APCH Council and to vote during a Congregational Meeting which is restricted to members. We invite everyone to be an active member and to worship, grow and serve with us. Membership is open to persons of all denominations, races, and nationalities who are in agreement with the purpose of APCH, unite in our covenant, and recognize and support APCH’s heritage and character.

We recognize that some people join the APCH Family for a specific period and in such instance, retain their membership at their home church. APCH does not require Membership to be singular but does expect the APCH Membership to be genuine. Double membership is welcomed at APCH but if the home church does not accept such double membership, becoming an APCH Associate is recommended. Ask the Membership Team for details or fill in the contact form.

The Membership committee welcomes newcomers and visitors on Sunday mornings at the “welcome desk.” Newcomers are guided to integrate into the life of the church. On a regular basis, Newcomer Orientation sessions are being organised.  We intend to make people feel at home and warmly welcomed at APCH.


NEW TO THE CHRISTIAN FAITH:  Are you exploring the Christian faith?  Or are you entering the church again after years away?  Contact one of our pastoral staff members–they would rejoice to talk with you about how you can best learn or re-engage in the life of Christ and his church.

STARTING POINT: The Pastoral staff and the Membership committee organize a Sunday afternoon coffee/tea event 8 times a year. During this time of fellowship, we share our  faith and Christian backgrounds.  The Pastor explains what it means to be a member of APCH. Questions about the church, her history and how to get involved into church life are answered. One can see this event as the start of a fellowship life at APCH.