Nurturing your Child’s Faith

APCH comes alongside you as a parent, as you nurture your children in the faith. Because the task of Christian nurture in the home, from birth until the child leaves, is an enormous responsibility, we are here to help.

We offer Sunday school, Bible-studies, youth groups and a confirmation program. We also have pastors and youth directors who are here to encourage you and give you the help and resources you need.

If you have any questions about our Children’s or Youth Ministries, please contact our Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries.

Here’s our top-ten list for nurturing your child’s faith:

      • Parents need to understand God’s call to nurture their children’s faith by faithfully teaching the truths found in Scripture and by using every possible means in everyday life to interact with their children. Deuteronomy 6:4-7
      • Participate in worship. Come early and come often. This is always important, but especially if they are new to APCH.
      • Encourage and model participation in church activities.
      • Keep the Sabbath. Have one day a week set aside for worship, fellowship and rest. Show your children how to do this. Refrain from working on this day. Encourage your children to finish their school-work on the six remaining days.
      • Read the Bible daily with your children. We encourage you to invite your children to read aloud during your family devotions. Introduce them to devotional books geared to their age level.
      • Pray with your children. Invite them to lead in prayer.
      • Sing songs together.
      • Memorize Bible verses together.
      • Talk about your faith. Initiate discussion. Encourage your children to express their doubts and concerns, and, with older children, express your own as well. Encourage your children to ask questions and raise questions yourselves.
      • For evening devotions for toddlers (all the way up to adults!!), we highly recommend the Jesus Story Book Bible, written by Sally Lloyd Jones. Pastor Tim has also done a sermon series based on this children’s Bible. You can listen online and select the series: “Every Story Whispers His name”.


APCH offers a nursery area with nursery workers to care for children up to 3 years old during the 9:45 am and the 11:15 am services each Sunday morning.

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