Each year, APCH holds a fall bazaar to raise support for ministries around the world.  One of the important parts of this bazaar are the crafts that are made by a group of women who gather every Tuesday to sew and knit and create everything from aprons to quilts to sell in support of missions.  Feel free to join the group on Tuesday or anticipate the Fall Bazaar!
Some of the charities supported by the APCH Women’s Fellowship Benevolence Distribution from the proceeds of the Bazaar:

School of Love and Hope
San Pablo, The Philippines
Handicap school for children in San Pablo.

Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD)
Middle East/Asia
Currently involved in offering training, counseling, coaching and mentoring to the Body of Christ and to the non-believing working community, both locally & internationally.

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
Sri Lanka
This is an organisation affiliated to the Young Women’s Christian Association, having a membership around 45 comprising of persons living in a poor village in and around Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.

They are engaged in welfare activities such as the “Feed a Child Programme” where a nourishing cup of soup and milk given once a week to approximately 25 children, a sewing and an English class for the needy children, distribution of dry rations to the very elderly people of the area and to Polio victims monthly, help towards renovation of houses and building toilets for the poor in the area. Programmes for elders, an Annual Christmas party for the poor children where a gift is given to each child. Last year, a pair of shoes was given to each child in the area.

In order to help the less fortunate considerable funds are needed and an Annual Bazaar is held by the Association to collect funds and also from donations.

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
The YWCA of Jordan has four branches in Amman, Madaba, Husun and Fuheis. It has a total membership of 950 women and youth. The four branches carry out various cultural, social and fund raising activities.

Funding for YWCA’s various projects is obtained from Jordanian individuals, local institutions and international donors.

Foundation Seniors
This foundation’s goal is to support, stimulate and when necessary initiate programs for destitute elderly in Eritrea, involving their care and support and where possible initiation of income generating activities.

Yadel Foundation
Supporting various Ministries in India ie. Building churches & women’s education programs.

Jayalath Perera
Sri Lanka
In a Buddhist country Jayalath Perera reach out to all the University students and many have come to know the Lord. Jayalath Perera has special projects in helping to fulfil the great commission throughout the 15 zones in Colombo and other parts of the country mainly through leadership of present graduates. The main targets are; Prayer movements through the leadership of graduates, Motivate graduates to become work place missionaries at their working places, Helping churces in the city to expand their ministries by training them in evangelism and discipleship, Helping all graduates to develop their families into a higher level of commitment bearing the nature of home cells.

Mr. Jayalath Perera and his wife Mallika were from strong Buddhist families and came to know the Lord in a mysterious way. They committed themselves totally to work for the Campus Crusade for Christ without a salary. They have worked so hard for this ministry for number of years under difficult circumstances.

Mr. Perera is now selected to his Masters on Theological Studies and commits himself again looking for finances for his studies.

Guatemala Children’s Programme
Workshops as part of a vocational training centre for street kids in Guatemala City.



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