God is on a mission

That is why APCH exists. We are called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, in word and deed, both at home and abroad. Because of the grace of God, we want to use our gifts freely and with joy for the benefit and welfare of others, sharing generously to those who are in need.

Jubilee Health Centre, Michael & Andrea Ouwerkerk
  • Cape Town South Africa
  • Jubilee Health Centre is an NGO, staffed mostly by volunteers, that exists primarily for service to the poor and marginalized of Cape Town South Africa. For less than 1 euro, people get treated by a medical team that offers medical consulting, physiotherapy, HIV-testing and crisis pregnancy counselling. Michael Ouwerkerk, supported by APCH serves in the Physical Therapy Department along with two others. The health centre is making a big impact on the surrounding community, enabling conversations around faith and seeing people conquer battles in life either physically, mentally or spiritually. Please continue to pray for patients that need to be reached.


Wycliffe Bible Translators, Nico and Pam Daams
  • Solomon Islands
  • Strengthening the Church in the language communities of Micronesia and Polynesia through God’s Word in the heart language. Praise God that the Kapingamarangi people now can read the complete Bible in their own language. Pam and Nico recruit and manage a team of local believers to assist in Bible translation ministry.


Intl. Teams, Jairo and Francein Pijnacker Hordijk
  • Albania
  • Parents to 4 young boys, Jari and Francein Pijnaker Hordijk moved to Albania in 2015. Since then, the family have been living and working with a small local Albanian church in Shkodër. There they’ve set up an ongoing food program for poor families and organized a soup kitchen for winter time.
  • Jari with his “hands-on attitude” is especially passionate about working directly with young people in the local community to teach them more about Jesus and the basic principles of the Bible. This has led him to start an Adventure Youth Alpha Course in Albania, combining his love for adventure and camping with sharing the Gospel.
  • Wherever there is help needed in the community the ‘PH Family’, as they are affectionately known as, are there to help in a multifunctional capacity to make a difference one person at a time. You can see a video of their inspirational work here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbzKgUXxxy


Rise 2 Shine, Frank and Rita Stout
  • Romania
  • Frank and Rita Stout are a Dutch-Romanian couple that live in Cluj-Napoca , Romania. They work in the Roma/Gypsies slums, next to the garbage dump. Their ministry focus is on the children and teenagers and weekly up to 250 children/teens attend the different programs. The main focus of the mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to raise up disciples that will reach out to their own culture. For more information, or to contact them, visit their website: www.rise2shine.eu


TEAM, James and Renata Bultema
  • Turkey
  • James and Renata have been working in Turkey since 1990. After six years in Istanbul, they moved to Antalya, a port city that St. Paul visited on his First Journey. In Antalya, they founded the St. Paul Union Church and the St. Paul Cultural Center.
  • When commenting on the ministry, they said, “The St. Paul Cultural Center is open daily, and those interested in learning about Jesus and Christianity come. We give out New Testaments, gospel literature, the Jesus film, and so on in Turkish, Farsi, English, Kurdish, and other languages as well. The Center houses three congregations, plus hosts numerous outreach activities and special events, all designed to draw people in and provide an environment where the love of Jesus can be shared efficaciously.”
  • Renata administrates the SPCC and also directs Olive Grove, a camp ministry she and James started in 1997. They are now working with others toward the establishment of a Christian international school in Antalya, plus, in due time, a new church-and-cultural-center plant in an unreached region of the city. SPCC refugee work is also ongoing.


Children’s Education Initiatives
  • International Outreach in Difficult and often Dangerous Regions
  • APCH is assisting with support of various children’s education initiatives through support of national workers dedicated to sharing the Gospel through local schooling ministries.


Mercy Ministries: Bible/Leadership Training
  • Mercy Ministries is involved in many different Christian projects including microenterprises, orphanages, and various Gospel-driven projects meeting practical needs with the purpose of spreading the Good News throughout the countries where they are active.  The aim is to first preach Christ by providing basic needs, and then sharing with them the life-giving Gospel message.
  • Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations through word and deed.
  • Partnering with local protestant churches, helping them involve their congregation in ministering to the needs of the lost around them and sharing the Gospel, and provide teaching and training.
  • Provide assistance to existing Gospel-driven projects and serve as a bridge between their ministry and the local churches.
  • Identify Christian church leaders and start church-based projects where needed for orphans, widows, and outcasts with the intent of rescuing them and extending to them the hope we have in Christ.
  • Equip members of the local church to practice their priesthood and develop an intimate relationship with their heavenly Father.



APCH_Mission Romania_Handbook 2017 FINAL