Please Note in the Summer we have different worship timings: We will have combined worship services on Sunday mornings through August 13. The services will start at 10.30 am. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Contemporary Worship
At 09:45 a.m. we begin our worship by singing contemporary songs together with the support of the Praise Band. This contemporary worship service includes singing, prayer, preaching, times of giving, confession, and response. Coming together as one body to praise God, hear His Word, and fellowship with His people helps us recalibrate our lives during service and throughout the week.

Traditional Worship
At 11:15 a.m. the Choir and organist lead the congregation with hymns and anthems in praising God. This service uses traditional liturgical elements and includes prayer, preaching, times of giving, confession, and response.

Sunday Morning Involvement

If you are new to APCH, introduce yourself and where you are from when we greet each other in worship (people from your area in the city or world will want to greet you). Join us in the fellowship hall after worship for refreshments and conversation.  Attend a Bible Study or one of the other events in the bulletin.  Contact the church office ( for more information and to get involved.

Attend Starting Point
Go to the introductory session for APCH called Starting Point.

Bring others
Bring others to the meetings of APCH. Bring a friend along to a Bible Study or a Sunday service.

Welcome newcomers
If you see someone new, introduce yourself, explain what is going on and offer to sit with them. Engage them in friendly conversation. Look around and see if someone needs you.

Introduce yourself to the Sunday School teacher
If you have school age children, introduce yourself to the Sunday School teacher and let them know if your child has any special needs that morning.

Encourage your children
If you have students at home, encourage them to participate in the youth and college age groups. Encourage them to finish their school work in six days and set aside one for worship and fellowship.

Stay around after church. Talk with others. Ask: How did the sermon help you today? What was meaningful to you?

Get involved
Let us know if you’re interested in a volunteer position and tell us what area of ministry you like to be involved.